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Do I need to go to therapy?

Updated: May 6, 2021


Everyone could benefit from therapy but not everyone has to, or needs to go to therapy.

Just like our physical health, mental health is relevant to all of us. Yes, you included.

Going to see a therapist doesn’t have to be because of a major crisis or difficulty functioning, which is totally fine! It can be because you want to work on yourself and develop new skills or make life changes.

It can be a useful tool when going through major life transitions, a loss, trauma, suicidality, overwhelming stress, feeling stuck or a roller coaster of emotions like in a pandemic!

Also, let’s stop telling people they need therapy as a way to point out their flaws or imply that something is wrong with them. Stigmatizing therapy stops people from reaching out.

Does it actually work? Welllll we wouldn’t be doing this if it didn’t! It can result in better understanding yourself, increasing self awareness and exploring stuck points, breaking unhealthy generational patterns, processing difficult memories, and we could go on and on.

Prioritizing our mental health has a ripple effect, it’s how we build healthier relationships, families and communities.

So we’ve mentioned some ways therapy can be useful. We also know taking the first step is difficult. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with, TherapyOwl. A digital tool that allows you to browse verified providers, and filter by your needs and preferences. If you’re ready to make the first step, visit today!

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