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Online Course- Breaking Cycles Through Parenting

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As psychotherapists, we see parents every day telling us about how they’ve done the research, read books, listened to podcasts and have been trying to do all the right things to work on breaking cycles…they notice their child’s emotions, validate them, provide them with tools, have discussions and all that good stuff. But something isn't translating. A huge part of what makes the work of breaking cycles effective is doing your own work as a parent. Your stuff is going to impact your kids, if you're not aware of it and working on it. In this course, you will: -Learn how to foster a secure attachment with your child -Understand and learn the prerequisites required for your child to be able to feel safe and self-soothe -Acquire tools to regulate yourself (i.e. do your work) and your child -Learn about the necessity for self compassion in parenting to break the cycles Features: -Series of recorded video lessons with main concepts, examples, scenarios, and experience compiled from years of practice as psychotherapists -Tools to increase self awareness and regulation to implement in your day to day -Handouts with diagrams and tools to ensure that you have the important concepts from the videos accessible for your review Bonus! FREE Workbook

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