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Online Parenting Course:
When Googling “How to Parent” Fails You

(available January 18, 2023)

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Until Jan 18
Original price $300

Illustrator: Amira Abusheikha


As psychotherapists, we see parents every day telling us about how they’ve done the research, read books, listened to podcasts and have been trying to do all the right things…noticing their child’s emotions, validating them, providing them with tools, having discussions and all that good stuff. 


A huge part of what makes googling solutions to parenting less effective is that it’s removed from your own reality, it's not personalized.


To retain the information and make it applicable to you, you need to go beyond listening to it, and reflect on how it applies to you. In this course we provide you with 6 lessons, followed by reflective questions that do just that -provide the missing context and make it relevant to you.

You're in the right place if:

  • You've read several parenting books, done the research, tried the parenting techniques recommended and have not gotten the desired outcome 

  • You are overwhelmed by all the parenting information and advice out there and are looking for practical knowledge on developing a secure attachment with your child 

  • You want to prepare your children for the outside world and worry about them because you feel like they are not equipped 

  • You often feel overwhelmed as a parent or have moments where it's difficult to meet both you and your child's needs 

In this course, you will:


  • Learn how to foster a secure attachment with your child

  • Understand and learn the prerequisites required for your child to be able to feel safe and self-soothe

  • Acquire tools to regulate yourself and your child

  • Learn about the necessity for self compassion in parenting 


  • Series of recorded video lessons with main concepts, examples, scenarios, and experience compiled from years of practice as psychotherapists

  • Reflective questions for each lesson to do some of your own work and make the content relevant to you 

  • Worksheets with diagrams and tools to ensure that you have the important concepts from the videos accessible for your review

  • Examples and scripts to practice using with your child 


15% OFF for $255 +HST 

meet samiyah & wala'a


Hello, Samiyah and Wala'a here! We are Registered Psychotherapist and the co-founders of Rubiks Counselling Services, and specialize in trauma and refugee and immigrant mental health. After spending years working in community organizations, we realized the importance of addressing the gaps in services, and decided to take matters into our own hands. 

As we branched out to create Rubiks, we started doing our own work of challenging narratives and breaking cycles as people of colour and children of immigrants. We see how valuable this process has been for us and would like to help you break the cycles with your families, by challenging your own narratives and connecting with your children. 

This course was created because we know how difficult it can be to want more for yourself and your children and not have accessible, relevant resources. We want to change that. You can want better for yourself and your kids, and make the changes possible to get there!


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