*in collaboration with  Conseil des écoles catholiques du

Centre-Est's (CECCE)- International and Indigenous Languages Program

Special Education Needs and Inclusivity in the 

International Languages Classroom


This workshop aims to introduce Ontario Ministry of Education's guidelines on inclusive education and discuss special needs, reducing stigma and possible observations in the classroom. Through discussions, roleplays and interactive activities, participants learn about emotional regulation and are provided with   tools and resources that can be used in the classroom. 

*Illustrated by Ithar Abusheikha

   Could I have survived that?

- Shared Narratives of Humanity


      This training is provided for therapists & front-line workers.


Conversations about the most effective therapeutic practices for diverse clients, immigrants and refugees have been at the forefront. This training addresses challenges faced by therapists when working with diverse populations including the therapist's experience in session, the role of privilege, and feelings of incompetence when client's experiences and cultures are foreign.

The World Through a Child's Lens- Refugee Children's Programming


This training facilitates conversation about programming for refugee children by learning about the experiences of refugees and the impact on mental health, as well as the importance of incorporating emotional literacy in children's programming and activities. Learn about Collaborative Problem Solving and its effectiveness in engaging children and addressing conflict. 

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