It's a Process

We live in a fast-paced society where we often seek immediate answers through unfiltered mediums. Think about it: how many times have you found yourself listening to a YouTube influencer or clicking on an Instagram account with a headline like “How to achieve...[fill in the blank]”. We look at the number of followers and think they must know what they are doing or it must be working for other people, and so we find ourselves hopeful that this may be the answer to our troubles and that things will change.

While it’s definitely beneficial to gather tools and exercises from various mediums, our life experiences vary. How these tools are used, or how effective they are will differ from person to person. Let’s think about it this way: when a company gets a contract to build a bridge, they probably got the contract because they have previous experience and can do the job. But what would happen if they used the exact same timeline, measurements, team, and materials that they used on their previous project? Many essential factors would be overlooked. For example, the weather conditions, the number of workers needed, the distance the bridge is covering, the appropriate materials…and the list can go on.

So, how is it that when it comes to our own life experiences, we often have the tendency to overlook and down play the factors that contribute to our struggles and experiences? There are many essential steps to be taken when building a bridge where shortcuts are not possible, it’s a process. Likewise, there are many aspects of our lives where a quick fix can be superficial, but could also be detrimental. The details and processes that we often neglect in order to find a quick fix are vital in developing awareness, self fulfilment and change.

So how can we be more intentional about the content we choose to follow, and reflect on the information we are exposed to? The next time we read the secret to finding happiness, can we start questioning whether this applies to our lives and how? We need to take the time to build (or re-build) a strong, long-lasting bridge. It’s a process.


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