Dear Diary

April 3rd, 2019

Dear Diary,

A gremlin, a black blob, a dark cloud, a horrible roommate, a super power (not the good kind), a disorganized filing room with all the drawers open, a burden, a storm, a fire, a flood…those are just some of the ways I heard people talk about me this week. I know, horrible right? I mean I know I can cause havoc, but I’m really trying to help…at least most of the time.

My job is to help alert people when there’s danger, and I’d like to think I’m good at it! When the danger detector sends me a signal, I instantaneously get to work! To get their attention I put together a team; I bring fear and worry with me and send SOS messages to different parts of their body. The emergency response is usually great; the heart begins to beat faster pumping blood to the other organs, the muscles tense up bracing themselves for what could come, the sweat glands activate to cool off the body, and the thoughts start running. The mind shuts down critical thinking and concentration, so it can focus on the emergency. All hands on deck!

For some reason people don’t want me around. If you ask me, they’re just ungrateful. I’m out here saving lives, and instead of a thank you, I’m being called names. I get it, I don’t make people feel good, but I’m just doing my job. I mean there are false alarms sometimes and what’s considered dangerous is relative… but really, I’m just following orders from the big guy – The Brain.

I guess I don’t really know when to stop; the danger detector goes off and I fall into my regular routine. I take my job very seriously. Maybe too seriously? I wonder what my coworkers Mr. Anxiety McPanic, and Mrs. Anxiety McJittery think about all this. Am I really more of a nuisance than a help? Do I really get in the way?

Anxiety McWorry


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