Dear COVID19

Dear COVID19,

You have changed the lives of so many people in such a short amount of time. You have instilled fear, uncertainty, anger, anxiety, and grief in people across the globe. Many are trying to understand how this happened, how you’ve gained control over our lives uninvited. But despite the unlimited amount of pain you have caused, I have seen communities come together and try to fight you. Maybe after all, there is a purpose for your existence.

You see COVID19, I have come to realize that before you, there were many like you. History narrates many challenges developed by your esteemed colleagues of war, viruses, natural disasters and persecution. However, what we often forget is how people survived them. Our ancestors and past generations have learned to build strength, wisdom and resiliency that is unmatched… and we, COVID19, have access to their narrative.

A collective narrative that speaks about skills, tools, agency and hope. One that throughout history has served as a teaching tool for survival.

It’s a long game of chess that you and I will be engaging in, but know this. I come with a team. A team with lived experiences and internal knowledge that connect people beyond any havoc you have caused.


A global citizen.


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